Wood Pellets Ireland

Biomass Pellets are a densified form of biomass and, as a consequence can be stored tidily in a small area.

Biomass fuel  is completely sustainable; the fuel supply can be generated quickly from local agricultural/forestry activity. Gilles wood pellet boilers are installed in: town halls, hospitals, domestic houses, colleges & schools, youth hostels, nursing homes, offices.

Wood Pellet boilers are typically automatically controlled and allow continuous pellet combustion in which the fuel is fed automatically into the combustion chamber by means of an auger or blower. Most biomass pellet boilers are equipped with a pellet storage bin which is sufficient for a few months of operation.

Locally produced biomass fuel is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have to be transported over long distances.

Wood Pellets

Biomass Wood Pellets consist of 100% dry (typically less than 10%) natural wood residues which are finely divided, force dried and compressed into small cylinders which easily disintegrate. These cylinders are around 8mm in diameter. They have an extremely high energy density and have better energy efficiency levels than any other fuel. Ash content of pellets is .5%.

Biomass Fuel

Our Biomass fuel is produced locally where possible. Locally produced biomass fuel is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have to be transported over long distances. By using fuels produced within Ireland, we replace the need to import expensive foreign fossil fuels, improving the security of supply and contributing to national and local economy.  Whenever possible, virgin wood fuel comes from managed forest. Wood residues from saw mills and other wood processing facilities are even kinder to the environment because they are made from a recycled or waste product.

Wood Pellets

Enerpower can sell biomass fuel per tonne (min. 10 tonne) and deliver to your site within 1 week or less once the order has been placed and confirmed by a member of our team.   

Enerpower can be also contracted to provide heat (instead of fuel), this option takes away quality concerns and Enerpower can manage the complete process of your biomass heating system. In this case, invoices are based on kWh usage.

We can ensure that where possible a low biomass fuel notification can be incorporated into your system, this will allow fuel level sensors to notify you or Enerpower by text or email when the fuel is low, so your biomass fuel of bio mass wood chip or biomass wood pellets will never run out.

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