Wind turbines Ireland

Wind Turbine energy is clean and installing a wind turbine can significantly reduce your electricity costs.

Wind Turbine energy won’t dirty the air we breathe because they don’t emit pollutants, like other energy sources, which means less smog, less acid rain and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Running a single 1-MW wind turbine can displace 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide in one year, which is the equivalent to planting one square mile of forest.

Wind energy works and the wind energy technology is now well proven and reliable. A wind turbine will allow you to convert wind energy into wind electricity to power your site. You will also be able to sell any excess electricity for additional revenue.

Installing a wind turbine in Ireland can reduce your electricity costs by


The size of a wind turbine can be decided based on the energy demand profile of your site. Typical size wind turbines range from 100kW to 2MW in size. The higher your business’s electricity bills that you offset by using self produced electricity the better the payback. Large scale systems usually give the quickest payback and payback as low as a few years is achievable. To ensure you reach the payback period you will need to install quality equipment.

Enerpower offers a wide selection of brands for wind turbine energy, which helps insure that you get the right turbine to match your needs, manufacturers include: Vesta, Windworld, ACCA, Bonus, Siemans, Nortank, NEG Micon, EWT – Direct Wind, and GAMESA.

Wind energy works and the wind energy technology is now well proven and reliable.

In order to ensure the best outcome for your wind energy project, Enerpower will provide the following services to you. 

Enerpower have installed Wind Turbines for Flahavan’s Oats Waterford, McAuley Animal Feed Meath and The Meade Potato Company, Navan Co. Meath.


Wind Turbine Ireland

McAuley's Animal Feeds
Meade Potato Co

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