1. How much does a biomass boiler cost?

The cost of supplying and installing each system is dependent on each situation. We can provide you with a rough estimate after taking a few details followed by an accurate quote after a site survey.

2. How long does it take to install a biomass boiler?

Again, installations vary. A small installation could take just 3 days up to 4 weeks for a large commercial installation.

3. How long after purchase will the boiler be installed? 

This varies dependant on delivery time of boilers and equipment, as well as the requirements of the client. An estimated installation date will be provided on each quote.

4. How often will I have to re-fuel the boiler or refill the fuel storage?

This will be dependent on fuel storage capacity and usage rates. This will be calculated on the quote provided. Typically once per month.

5. What about ash removal and cleaning? 

Enerpower biomass boilers are all automated and therefore the ash removal is collected into a small box that needs to be emptied about every 2 months.

6. What types of fuel can I burn? 

Our range of boilers allows you to burn: wood log, wood pellet and wood chip, sawdust , wood shavings, bark, miscanthus, willow, hay, straw, oats etc… Gilles boilers can burn fuel with a moisture content of upto 55 percent.

7. How often will my boiler need servicing?

You will need to have an annual service on your boiler which can be done by Enerpower.

8. What size boiler do I need?

Enerpower will size the boiler as part of the site survey. The boiler size is dependant on factors such as:  heating requirements, age of building, type of existing system, purpose for use, floor space etc…

9. Are there any special plumbing considerations I need to take into account? 

Our range of boilers are plumbed the same way as if you were installing an oil boiler. These boilers are suitable for use on vented or low pressure systems.

10. Can I replace my existing boiler but use my existing heating system? 

Yes, our boilers can be connected to your existing heating systems. However, you may need to consider space required for fuel storage and the water tank.

11. What safety features are fitted as standard on your boilers? 

Gilles boilers have a number of safety features such as the cell wheel.