District Heating – A complete solution for development.

This may comprise of, for example, a biomass or gas boiler heating a block of apartments, a housing estate or mixed use development. Enerpower can work with you to design the most efficient and cost effective district heating solution for your project. With our district heating services, we offer a full meter service, from installation, service, repair and replacement. If you have a communal heating system currently in operation, Enerpower can provide you with a selection of meter and a complete billing solution for your development. 

We provide a quality and comprehensive service. Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Your property has one centralised boiler is more efficient than having an individual boiler in each dwelling, therefore saving space in each unit.

More environmentally friendly, especially when renewable energy is used/ Ability to upgrade boiler should energy market conditions change.

Wholesale energy rates are cheaper than domestic rates and allow the consumer to avail of cheaper bills.

Safety, boilers are kept in a separate plant room with appropriate supervision, less chance of a gas leak or fire.

End users have hot water on demand and do not have to organize annual maintenance of  boilers.

• Efficiency
• Sustainability
• Reliability
• Fit for purpose
• Cost effectiveness• Meter Installation
• Meter Servicing
• Meter repairs
• Replacement metersEnerpower’s complete billing solution reduces your administration. Outsourcing your billing to Enerpower, will allow you to concentrate on your core business. We provide a quality and comprehensive service. Our solution is flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs. All at a competitive rate!  With Enerpower’s professional billing service for communal heating systems, end users only pay for the heat they use.

Enerpower uses actual meter readings, not estimates and provides the end user with an fully itemised bill, which end users find preferable.
Our billing department provide the following services:• Compile a database of end user details, if required
• Prepare end user bills monthly, bi-monthly or for any period of time the client requires.
• Create ad-hoc bills during a billing period for move outs.
• The format of the end users bills can be adjusted to the client’s requests.
• Bills are sent either by post or electronically.
• Cash Collection: End users can pay their bills through a variety of flexible and convenient payment methods: Direct Debit, via online banking, online using a credit or maestro card, Paypal, cheque, Postal Order, at an bank branch.

district heating• We provide our clients with regular debtors reports.
• Financial reporting
• Enerpower provide customer service via telephone to end users.

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