Solar Photovoltaic is the most economic, simple and clean renewable energy technology available that can be easily installed into both new and existing buildings.  For this reason, it is increasingly being used to meet the electricity needs of businesses and individuals in Ireland.

Simple to install, clean, highly effective, maintenance free and with a 30 year lifespan, solar PV systems are the easiest way to meet Irish Building Regulations PART L and to generate zero-emissions electricity.

A typical 150m2 house would require approximately 700W of Renewable Energy.  This could be provided by 3 No PV Solar Modules measuring a total of 5m2 with matching inverter, roof fittings and minimal power wiring.

Solar PV Ireland Advantages Compared with Solar Thermal:

  • Less Area on Roof
  • More Price Competitive
  • No Moving Parts, Pumps, Thermostats or Glycol in the system
  • Maintenance Free
  • In Excess of 30 years Life Expectancy