Our Partners and Affiliates


Bulmers is a cider making company founded in 1887, England. Sustainability being at the forefront, Enerpower partnered with Bulmers and installed a 771.7KWp solar panel installation.


Gilles have been providing commercial and domestic boilers for over 15 years and their brand is synonymous with quality. Gilles biomass boilers include wood chip boilers, pellet boilers, log gasification and industrial boilers, which range from 12.5 kW up to 5,000kW (5 Megawatt). They are efficient and durable due to their robust construction. Moreover, as a quality provider, Gilles emphasise safety.

Solar Clarity

Solar Clarity is a fast growing international specialised distributor of Solar PV products. We supply installers and resellers throughout Europe and the Caribbean with a select range of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, cable, measurement instruments and monitoring equipment. Solarclarity aims to add value for her customers through logistics, financing, system design, training and service.

Axis Industries

We create and manufacture modern heating and water monitoring and datamanagement devices and other engineering products. We also offer solutionsfor cities and the industrial and energy sectors. We have a metal processingmanufacturing plant and provide technical maintenance and care servicesbased on smart technologies. Our IT division’s specialists create datacollection, observation, and other types of programs for industrial systemsand also offer automation solutions. We create products under our own brandsand also fill orders under our clients’ individual brands (OEM)

Opcon Bioenergy (SRE)

Opcon Bioenergy (SRE) is a leader in bioenergy. The company delivers products, services and complete systems worldwide. Core business activities are heat recovery, incineration technology and materials handling. The company supplies bioenergy installations – including electricity generation, with a wide range of proprietary products and systems.


PoliEdra was founded in 1989 to produce simple and double wall metal chimneys. Nowadays, PoliEdra are a leader in their market.

EATON Corporation

Eaton Delivers A Range Of Innovative And Reliable Indoor And Outdoor Lighting And Controls Solutions, Specifically Designed To Maximize Performance, Energy Efficiency And Safety.

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