2mw Woodchip Biomass Boiler Installation

2mw Woodchip Biomass Boiler Installation


A nursery in Co. Wexford has installed a 2mW woodchip biomass boiler. This is one of the largest heat only biomass projects in Ireland. The boiler was supplied, installed and commissioned by Enerpower a Waterford based renewable energy company, who specialise in biomass and wind energy

The nursery made the switch from oil to biomass with the aim of reducing costs an increasing profitability. Indeed, biomass makes a strong business case. Oil currently costs 10 to 12 cent per kWh; wood chip costs less than half. The wood chip boiler will displace at least 700,000 litres of oil per year. The move to carbon neutral biomass will reduce the nursery’s carbon emissions by 1,893 tonnes annually, a saving of approximately €22,000 in carbon tax per year. This project is expected to reach payback in 2.5 years.   A positive green image for your business and reduce C02 emissions  by 100% with a woodchip biomass boiler.

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As part of their turnkey solution, Enerpower has been contracted to provide maintenance and supply fuel. Enerpower sources wood chip locally, which supports the local wood industry and economy. The nursery have an ESCO agreement with Enerpower whereby they pay for metered heat, rather than buying fuel per tonne, ensuring value for money.

Owen Power, Managing Director for Enerpower said “What we are seeing now is increased interest in renewable energy from agri-business as it offers a commercially viable alternative to oil, LPG gas and electricity”.

Biomass heating is especially suited to glasshouses, food producers and horticulture. Enerpower provide a complete turnkey solution. To find out more, please contact us.


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