Energy Savings for AEF Limited with LED Lighting.


Enerpower in partnership with Pro Light carried out a complete LED Lighting Retrofit’ for AEF Limited. The 2 main outcomes from this project were to improve the energy efficiency of AEF Limited facility and improve the lighting quality. To achieve these outcome Enerpower and Pro Light created and LED lighting solution that best fitted the client’s needs.

The installation consisted in a mixture of office space, warehousing and common areas. In a number of these areas, the installation of LED lighting meant that the number of lighting units required could reduce while still increasing the illumination and lighting quality of these areas. This change also resulted in significant energy savings.

Project Outcome


Old lighting                                     264 luminaires / 72K kWh pa

New LED installation                     249 luminaires / 23K kWh pa

Annual energy saving                   68%

The installation was managed and completed on schedule and on budget with minimum disruption to the customer’s operations.

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