Log Gasification Boilers Ireland


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Seasoned wood logs can be burned in boilers. Such boilers are typically batch fed at intervals of up to a number of hours depending on heat demand. Some models are gasification boilers in which the wood is heated initially to produce a gas which is subsequently burned in a separate combustion chamber.

The Gilles wood Gasification boiler ranges from 20kW to 48 kW and is over 93% efficient.  It has an oversized feeding tube allowing it to take logs of up to half a meter. The excellent design of this boiler allows for easy ash removal and cleaning.  Furthermore, it allows for comfortable stoking through large slanted fire door. Due to the automatic exhaustion of the carbonizing gases when opening the stoking door, no smoke is diffused into the room. This boiler uses an under burning principle which is particularly suited for achieving an economical and ecology friendly fuel wood heating. The combustion is performed in a Bio-burning unit, developed specially for this purpose. A suction blower mounted on the boiler’s rear ensures the correct under pressure in the combustion chamber. Two precise driving units ensure the supply of an accurate amount of air, controlled by the commands from the Lambda-logic system microprocessor.

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