Multi Fuel Boilers

Biomass heating system explained


Many boilers are set up to deal with only one fuel type, but Gilles woodchip and industrial boilers are multi fuel. As Gilles woodchip boilers can burn a variety of fuels such as woodchip, wood pellets, wood logs, miscanthus, willow, straw, hay, grain, cereals etc. they ensure stability of fuel supply. This also helps ensure your business if future proofed against price fluctuations of fuel.

Gilles woodchip boiler’s combustion chambers have a ceramic lining as standard, which makes them more robust. They have a long product life 20 years + and can cope with the different combustion temperatures of the various fuel options.

Different fuels also require differing amounts of oxygen to burn efficiently. As Gilles wood chip multi fuel boilers are specially designed to produce heat at efficiencies higher than 90%, by using flue gas sensors which control the air intake. Fans are used to blow air into the combustion chamber, and they are continuously regulated by the boiler controller to adapt to the requirements of the specific type of fuel being used. In this way, the boiler can automatically adapt to efficiently burn whatever type of fuel is used.

Gilles Wood Chip Boiler

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