PV Panel Installation at Glenilen Farm Cork

Pv Panel Installation


PV Panel Installation of 65Kwp has taken place at Glenilen farm in Co. Cork. The team at Glenilen approached Enerpower for assistance in meeting their sustainability goals whilst also benefiting from a reduced cost of electricity.

Glenilen Farm is a proud member of Origin Green and has a detailed sustainability plan which sees them currently harvest rainwater from their roof through a filter system.    By choosing solar panels for their business, this filter system and the business energy requirements will be met.  In the very scenic Drimoleague in Co. Cork, Alan Kingston and his family have been dairy farming for generations.   In 1997 Valerie Kingston began using this milk to make homemade cheesecakes for the local country market. Her cheesecakes, made with fresh, simple ingredients, quickly gained popularity. From that small beginning Glenilen Farm began.

On approaching Enerpower for this solar pv panel installation, Enerpower determined that a 65kwp system would be beneficial to meet the needs of the business.  An Enerpower project manager was assigned to Glenilen Farm.  The project was completed designed, managed and installed by Enerpower allowing the team at Glenilen to enjoy the benefits of the a fully managed process and continue about their day to day business.

A Solar Pv System works by converting sunlight into a direct current. Solar Photovoltaic cells will work on sunlight rather than heat from the sun.  A solar inverter is used to turn this current into usable electricity. Ireland has the same annual irradiation levels as many parts of central Europe, making the photovoltaic panels the most efficient solar panels.

The experienced Enerpower team managed this provide a turn key solution ensuring the process is assigned a project manager who will monitor and inform the client at each step of the process.  Enerpower have previously worked with Cahills Cheese, Ardkeen quality food store and O’Neills bacon to provide a solar energy solution to their business.  Call today on 051 364 054 to see how Enerpower can help your business choose a more affordable and sustainable way to generate electricity.