PV Solar Power for Templetuohy Foods


PV Solar Power system of 80kwp was recently installed at Templetuohy Foods in Cashel,Co. Tipperary.    The facility in Cashel produces a range of meats and ready to cook products.

The company established in 1993 by Kevin and Miriam Everard was set to with the aim and objective to produce top quality products at competitive price’s to a select market.  The company has grown steadily from very small beginnings, to become one of the biggest food distributors in Ireland, with an ever-increasing workforce, currently employing over 30 people on a full time basis.

The panels installed will ensure that this system has excellent low light performance on even cloudy days, morning and evenings.          This pv solar power system is highly reliable due to stringent quality control.  The solar pv panels are also certified to withstand the most challenging of environmental conditions.

By choosing a pv solar power system, Templetuohy foods have chosen a sustainable way to generate electricity.  Their power is now coming for a clean and renewable resource.

By making the change to a pv solar power system Templetuohy foods are ensuring that they will reduce the operating costs of the business.  Money savings by changing to a pv solar power system are tremendous

Now that this system is installed, it will require little or no maintenance at all.   The pv solar power system will provide electricity and cleanly for a long time.

There are number of financial incentives also available to help businesses make the change to renewable energy.  The Better Energy Communities grant which is available will provide a grant of up to 30% to assist businesses in making the change.

If you would like to find out how you can generate renewable energy for your business with a solar installation call us today on 051 364 054 a member of our team can speak directly to you regarding your business.

PV Solar Power