Castle Paints make the move towards renewable energy by investing in a two unit rooftop Solar PV array at their facility in Tullamore.

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Two Solar Power Systems of 22.5kWp were installed at Castle Paints in Tullamore Co. Offaly. This 20,000 sq/ft facility provides a range of products and services to industries such as construction and agricultural.  The installation is part of Castle Paints overall commitment to improving their impact on the environment as they aim to make changes throughout the company by not only installing a renewable energy source, but they also aim to use recycled and renewable plastics.

As Enerpower provides a solution on all commercial solar panel installations, the Castle Paints team now enjoy the benefits of this process as they have reduced their electricity cost resulting in overall energy savings. Enerpower had full control of the design, install and the commissioning of this renewable energy source.

Enerpower installed a solar PV array on two units at Castle Paints facility. 22.5kWp was installed on the roof of the main shop and another 22.5kWp was installed on the roof of the warehouse.

The Solar PV arrays will align with the companies aim to reduce their carbon footprint. A 340W MBB Half-Cell Module mounting system was used for both unit installations. These panels have a high output of power and lower resistive loss.

The Sun2000 Huawei Inverters were used during this installation. These 3 phase grid-tied PV string inverters converts the DC power generated by the strings into AC power and feeds into the site LV Network. ESB witness testing has confirmed that the installation complies with the Zero Export and Grid Protection Requirements.

So far, the 2-unit system has generated over 8MWh of renewable energy for Castle Paints facility. Along with this, they have avoided 8.85 tons of Co2 emissions, this is the equivalent of planting 484 trees.

Enerpower were delighted to have helped Castle Paints on their way to reaching their sustainability goals. Enerpower are Ireland Leading Renewable Energy Company and if you would like to learn more about the transition to renewable energy for your company please contact us on 051 364 054