Solar Energy Savings for Donegal Eurospar

Solar Energy Savings


Solar Energy Savings are key to the partnership between Enerpower and BWG Foods. Announced in August this partnership will see a commitment on behalf of BWG Foods to reduce their environmental impact of the retail businesses in their communities.

McClaffertys Eurospar, a family run business was the first to be installed with a solar pv panel installation.  The team at Enerpower provided a turnkey solar panel solution for the store.  After reviewing the energy requirements of the business, a 52 kwp solar panel system was installed.

Worked by converting sunlight into a direct current, solar pv cells will work on sunlight and not heat from the sun.  This makes changing to solar panels easy and an affordable way to make solar energy savings.   The technology will provide McClaffertys eurospar with green energy, supplied by nature and creating absolutely no waste or emissions.

The 52kwp system south facing system was installed with high quality poly crystalline panels.  These panels will provide maximum efficiency and a high energy output. The Enerpower team took control of the process ensuring that the system was designed to a high specification and standard.   The project management team consulted with Mc Claffertys to ensure that the installation and commissioning was a seamless process.  The solar panel system installed will ensure that the needs of the store are met in to the future.  The business began to see savings immediately.  Installing pv panels are a guaranteed way to see solar energy savings for your business.    In particular, the Mc Claffertys Eurospar  is expected to see a 15% reduction in the store’s carbon emissions and a significant annual cost saving on energy bills of up to 15%. A solar array will ensure that you are protecting your business against any future price increases.  Your business will no longer be dependent on external prices and market changes.

EUROSPAR Gortahork Owner, Thomas McClafferty on behalf of the family, said: “We are delighted with this addition to our EUROSPAR supermarket. That we will benefit from significant savings while also helping the environment is a great bonus and I am thrilled that we are the first EUROSPAR supermarket in the estate to have this innovation.”

Enerpower are an experienced team working to deliver businesses nationwide with reduced operating costs by making that transition to renewable energy.