300kWp Solar Panel System installed at Essexford Joinery Facility.

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Enerpower have recently completed a 300kWP SolarPV installation for Essexford Joinery at Stradeen, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. Essexford Joinery wanted to play their part in helping Ireland reach its 2030 target of reducing carbon emissions.

As companies are looking to make the change in order to help the environment, this is Essexford Joinery second installation of a renewable energy technology a 160KW Gillies Biomass Boiler installed on site for over two years. The fuel for this Biomass Boiler is the waste Essexford Joinery produce on site themselves. By having this waste source, it eliminates fuel costs for Essexford Joinery as they do not have to purchase fuel such as wood pellets for the Biomass Boiler.

The 300kWp solar panel installed will contribute to reducing the facilities carbon footprint. Essexford Joinery will continue to benefit from this installation as they will generate their own flow of electricity while also having a reduced cost on fuel due to the installation of the Biomass Boiler. Essexford Joinery also asked Enerpower to install two 22kWp EV chargers on site.

Sun2000 Huawei Inverters were used during this project. The inverters are a 3-phase grid- tied PV that converts the DC power generated by the strings into AC power which then feeds into the site. This project has G10 protection at MV to improve the overall system performance but will also ensure that all energy produced on site is compliant with ESB requirements.

Since installation, the solar panel system has generated ­61.14MWh of energy for Essexford Joinery. Along with this, the Essexford Joinery facility has reduced their C02 by 60.94 tonnes, this is the equivalent of planting 3,330 trees.

Enerpower were delighted to have worked on this project. This project was completed safely, on time and under budget. ESB Witness testing has confirmed that the installation complies with the Zero Export and Grid Protection Requirements and the construction activities had minimal impact on the clients works.

Enerpower are Ireland’s Leading Renewable Energy Company and if you would like to learn more about the transition to renewable energy for your company, call us today on 051 364 054.


Solar Panel Essexford Joinery


Solar Panel Essexford Joinery