Solar Panels Installed At Pembrokestown House By Waterford Company Enerpower

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Enerpower have recently completed an installation of domestic solar panels at Pembrokestown House in Co. Waterford. The coach house in the grounds of this home is a blend of contemporary design and original features.  Working closely with the Beatty family, Enerpower Irelands leading renewable energy specialists, installed a 30kWp Solar Photo Voltaic system.  This 30KWp Solar PV System, will reduce consumption of energy by over 30,000KWhr’s ( Units of electricity) on a yearly basis.

This project will ensure that Pembrokestown House demonstrates their green credentials by cutting carbon emissions as well as huge electricity savings.  With this ground mounted domestic solar panel installation , Pembrokestown House can ensure that they are protecting themselves against the inevitable price rises from energy suppliers and guarantee an output for 20 years.

Operating and maintenance costs for Solar PV panels are considered to be low, almost negligible when compared with the costs of other renewable energy systems. Solar PV  is the most economic  renewable energy technology available. Easily installation domestic solar panels can be inputted in to new and existing buildings. Domestic solar panel installation are increasingly being used to meet the electricity needs of businesses in Ireland.

Enerpower is one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies, providing a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for public, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic customers working across both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If you would like to generate renewable energy for your home or business and be financially rewarded for doing so, contact Enerpower on 051 364 054.  We will carry out a detailed survey at your property and offer you a bespoke solution that suits your needs.


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