Solar Pv Panels For Wexford County Council Machinery Yard


One of our most recent solar panel array installations, a 120kwp  solar PV panel installation in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford is an indication of where the future of energy is heading here in Ireland.  The solar panels array that was installed in Wexford are installed with a black aluminum frame providing extra strentgh and resistance for a heavy wind uplift and snow load.

Solar panel installation continues to grow and the expected production of our system at Wexford CoCo’s machinery yard in Enniscorthy  can act as a case in point of how commercially viable solar photovoltaic has become for Irish businesses looking to consolidate their future expenses when it comes to electricity and energy.

After a successful tender for the contract at the machinery yard in Enniscorthy  , we worked through the half hourly readings and along with CKEA (Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency) to optimise the size and set up of this consumer’s electricity.

With this 29kWp solar panel array, Machinery Yard Wexford will reduce their energy consumption by over 30,000kWhr’s (units of electricity) on a yearly basis. So no matter what price electricity goes to over the next 20 years, the Machinery Yard have secured approximately 30,000units of free electricity per year, for the next twenty years.  There are financial grants and incentives that are available for businesses considering installing solar panel arrays in Ireland. The Better Energy Community Grant ( BEC) is opens at the end of the year.  Enerpower have previously applied for grants for businesses and we have been very successful in securing grants funding or renewable energy projects.  Enerpower manage this process for you so that you an enjoy the savings.

Wexford County Council Machinery Yard


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