Wind Turbine Glenmore Co. Kilkenny

Wind Turbine Glenmore Co. Kilkenny


On Friday last (17th June 2016) Enerpower erected a wind turbine for a farmer in Glenmore, Co Kilkenny. The sole purpose of this wind turbine is to supply power back onto the grid. The Power Purchase agreement was set up between the farmer and one of the electricity trading companies. The power generated by this wind turbine will be dispensed into the local community while displacing 720 tonnes of C02 per annum. The electricity supplier pays the farmer directly for the power supplied by the wind turbine to the grid.

Using two cranes (one no 350t and one number 80 ton) the tower sections were lifted into place and bolted before the Nacelle and blades were positioned.

This turbine is erected under the auto producer scheme which will allow eligibility for Refit.

Enerpower are providing a turnkey solution on this project using a refurbished machine which offers the client a substantial saving but combined with our three year warrantee still provide piece of mind during the initial operation stage. Local employment was also used when erecting the wind turbine. 

The wind turbine erection process is just one of a number of stages to completion of a wind turbine project and there is still an element of electrical connection to be completed before this machine is operational.

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