Wood Chip Boiler Installation Private Household Dublin

biomass Pellet Boiler


A private household installs a Gilles 45kW HPK-RA wood chip boiler in Co. Dublin to replace their oil boiler. The woodchip boiler now provides all of their hot water and space heating requirements. The boiler was integrated into their existing heating system. A garage was converted into a 30 meters cubed fuel store, no planning permission was required. The boiler is currently burning pellets however, it can also burn a range of fuels including woodchip, seasoned wood logs, mischanthus etc. The fuel is fed to the boiler by means of a swept arm and transport auger. This installation was funded through the SEAI reheat scheme. The carbon reduction equates to 15 tons per annum.

If you are interested in reducing your home heating costs enerpower have a range of biomass solutions that could help you achieve this goal. Please contact us for more information.

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