There are two interesting types of Biomass ESCOs.

Firstly, you can purchase your own biomass boiler and the ESCO involves the fuel supply. You purchase fuel on a per kWh basis rather than per tonne. The benefit of this is you don’t have to worry about the moisture content, quality or calorific value affecting the price you are paying for actual heat delivered. Companies offering this service often offer it if you are using their brand of boiler, they have the contract to service the boiler to keep it operating at maximum efficiency, and you are purchasing the fuel from them. This is a relativity new concept, but we think it will really take off as the customer will know exactly what they will be paying for each unit of heat.

Secondly, you could opt for the installer to finance the cost of the boiler for you. It is very similar to the model above, but there is no risk for the end user. In this case, you could hope to make a saving of about 15% per kWh on your heating costs.

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