Renewable heat incentive northern ireland

Renewable heat incentive Northern Ireland

The UK government have been set a target of obtaining 15% of the UK’s energy from renewable sources by 2020.  They have already taken several measures in order to help cut down the use of traditional forms of energy (any homeowner will know that free loft insulation has been provided to help cut down on heating bills).  However, even more needs to be done, which is why the Renewable Heat Incentive, otherwise known as the RHI was set-up. 

The aim of the RHI is to further increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies in order to meet the targets by offering subsidiaries for those home-owners willing to invest.  Currently, renewable energy technologies can’t compete financially with the traditional models, so this subsidiary is necessary to provide the incentive for change.  As well as working towards the 2020 target, the RHI is also kept in-line with longer term energy and climate change goals, so it will continue to contribute positively to the environment even once the main deadline has passed.

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