Lidl Solar PV Project

Enerpower are delighted to confirm that work has commenced on the Lidl Solar PV Installation in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.   The Enerpower team, led by Brigid Walsh BEng (Hons) MIEI arrived on site this morning (Monday 12th August)  to begin the installation on this Solar PV Project. Lidl Solar PV

Once completed, the solar pv panels at Lidl’s distribution facility will produce 1,011,929 kilowatt hours of energy.  This is the equivalent of meeting the electricity requirements for 240 homes.     This solar pv project will also see a huge reduction in the centre’s carbon output by some 473 tonnes annually.

The team will install 4364 individual solar pv panels on the roof of the new distribution facility.   This makes the project, the largest ever installation of PV Solar Panels in Ireland.

Speaking about the Lidl Solar PV Installation , Dr John Carty, Enerpower’s Director of Projects says; “We are delighted to be working with Lidl to deliver Ireland’s largest ever Solar PV project. Solar energy has become one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation and Lidl are setting an example for businesses in this country, demonstrating that they can reduce their carbon emissions while also making significant savings on energy costs and future carbon taxes.”

By choosing to install solar panels, the team at Lidl are producing no greenhouses gases and will have a significant reduction on the businesses impact on the environment.   Solar panels are clean, affordable and sustainable way to generate electricity for any  business. Solar energy technology is energy that is supplied by nature and is free, solar energy can be made available almost anywhere there is sunlight.

If you are considering a solar PV System for your business, it is worth noting that,your business can generate clean, green renewable energy as well as:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Financial assistance through Government Grants,
  • Maintenance free
  • Protect your business against future price changes
  • Gain Green Business Credentials.

Enerpower is the industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies, delivering high quality products and services with unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing businesses energy savings.

The Enerpower team has extensive industry experience with a proven track record in project management and bringing energy savings to businesses nationwide.  Enerpower believe that by focusing on renewable energy resources, businesses will save money on heating and energy and reduce its impact on the environment.  With such a long list of benefits, no business can afford not to consider the change over to solar and renewable energy technology.

If you are interested in transitioning your business to solar pv, please contact our team for more information on 051 364 054.






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